LSF Pilates is a boutique studio offering a unique and personalized workout experience on the Main Line. We are open 7 days a week and strive to provide our clients with the tools to become the best version of YOU! There is something for everyone at LSF: from chronic pain sufferers to exercise junkies that are looking for that missing link…we can help.

Inspired by Pilates, the fun and innovative workouts at LSF will leave your body feeling balanced, flexible, and strong. Classes are constantly evolving, so you will never get the “plateau effect” that happens with other brand name workouts. You will challenge every muscle in the body to evenly develop the musculature in a safe manner. Classes are capped at 6 participants to ensure that the skilled instructors can move you through the exercises with ease providing modifications as needed.

Your first private session will consist of an in-depth posture analysis that will pinpoint imbalances that could be causing pain an weakness. A plan is then developed to work your body into a better functioning unit.

Why Choose LSF?